When the Prime Minister dances


Marketing & Media published an article on the controversy surrounding videos of Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin dancing at a private party. Dita Stejskalová, Managing Director Ogilvy PR, also contributed her opinion on the topic.

"Yes, public officials set a certain bar for behavior and presentation, but she has done nothing illegal that the world should blast her for. If the public space thinks that this issue should be given as much attention as 'crossing the line', then Finland is indeed a lucky country."

― Dita Stejskalová, Managing Director Ogilvy PR

The Finnish Prime Minister was able to respond to comments in a straightforward manner, she made her opinion clear and quickly took action - according to Dita Stejskalová, this is exemplary leadership: "She does not try to zigzag and please everyone. The fact that she occasionally appears in a situation where critics say she is not a number one adds to her likeable authenticity."

The whole article is also available on MaM.cz.