Ogilvy experts are part of Digisemester 2022


This year, the prestigious semester-long study of digital marketing offers a greater focus on strategic approach in 12 teaching Saturdays. The three lectures this year will also feature four experts from Ogilvy.

Social Media Communication

Barbora Šumanská, Social Director Ogilvy, and Jan Fryč, Creative Lead Ogilvy, will guide students through the topic of social media. Together with Adam Špina, Veronika Augustová and David Duc, they will focus on current trends and benefits of social media in marketing communication or how to choose the most suitable social network and how to manage communication strategically.

Forms of user and customer experience

Jirka Jón, Head of Strategy & Consulting, together with Jan Kvasnička and Monika Hrubá will explain the differences between User Experience, Customer Experience Brand Experience. They will focus on the brand and the experiences associated with it.

How is marketing managed in different types of companies?

Ondřej Obluk, CEO Ogilvy, will be one of the lecturers of the final hour of the program. Together with six other lecturers, he will focus on how to manage the communication of big brands in different types of companies.