Ogilvy Consulting team has a blog


Jirka Jón and his strategy-consulting team Ogilvy launch an updated version of the GrowthFeed blog focused on brand growth. In addition to Jirka Jón, Head of Strategy & Consulting, all members of the team will now contribute original articles:

Zuzana Kabelková, Strategy Director, will write about how business interacts with "big societal ideas and movements". She will focus on how to connect seemingly unconnected spheres, expertise and groups of people to make maximum impact. 

Kim Hofmanová, CSR Consultant & Strategy Planner, will publish articles on CSR, a topic close to her personal heart. 

Žaneta Rychtová, Junior Strategy Planner, will focus on trends that are driving society. They affect not only our purchasing decisions, but also our very lives without us even realizing it. At the same time, the topic is sufficiently all-encompassing, which corresponds to her interest in a general overview. 

Radek Matoušek, Junior Planner, will focus on the topic of Brand Experience because he loves it when a brand doesn't just stay on paper, but the experience it provides can be felt in every interaction with the brand. The culture sector, in which he has been active for several years, has a lot in common with BX, he says. 

Nikola Klepáčková, Junior Strategic Planner, will mainly contribute texts about brand. She devotes most of her free time to brand education in the form of case studies, podcasts or books.  

Every two weeks, the blog will feature an article on efficiency, CSR, brands, brand experience, trends and more.