How to experience the brand differently: Experiences that bring money to companies and credit to marketers


The first of the series of workshops focused on Brand Experience took place on Wednesday 12 October. Tomáš Poucha, founder of the Marketing Institute, and Jirka Jón, Head of Strategy & Consulting, introduced the participants to the context of the customer experience with the brand and explained not only the issues of Brand Experience, but the basics for brand building in general.   

Specific case studies were presented by representatives of three brands:  

  • McDonald's (Elena Chadzieva) – a global brand with a local presence, for which it is important to make every customer feel good, shop easily and conveniently.  

  • Gumex (Libor Sedláček) – B2B lovebrand for which customer satisfaction is the priority and personal approach is the basis of communication.   

  • (Filip Černý) – e-commerce local brand that wants to get under people's skin.  

At the end of the workshop there was a panel discussion with brand representatives, CX consultant Renata Novotna from Ipsos and brand consultants Gabriela Veenstra Skorkovská and Jirka Jón.