Dita Stejskalová as a guest on the Eva Talks podcast


Dita Stejskalová, Managing Director of Ogilvy PR & Influence, has been associated with Ogilvy almost since its beginnings on the Czech market. She joined the then fledgling public relations department while studying as a day-to-day temporary worker and has now been its head for several years. In an interview with Eva Čerešňáková, she talked about the beginnings of her career, the obstacles she had to overcome on her professional path, how being a woman influenced her career and what she would recommend to other women to avoid hitting the so-called glass ceiling. At the end of the interview, she also reflected on where she sees herself in a few years.   

In her life, Dita tries to do what she enjoys and finds fulfilling. That is not the only reason why she has long been involved in mentoring and helping women in their career and personal growth.   

You can listen to the full interview here

Dita Stejskalová, Managing Director Ogilvy PR & Influence

Dita Stejskalová, Managing Director Ogilvy PR & Influence