Five principles of brand activation that we could see more of in the Czech Republic


Steve Randazzo's book Brand Experiences: Building Connections in a Digitally Cluttered World describes the principles of creating experiences that help customers experience a brand firsthand. While reading it, I realized that I encounter some examples almost every day, others rarely, writes Radek Matoušek, Junior Planner at Ogilvy, in the introduction to his blog post.

In his article, he uses examples from the Czech environment and his own ideas on how to use five selected principles of brand activation that are rather rare in practice.

  • Activism - companies do a lot of activities internally and then use them for PR purposes, but many of them do not use the opportunity to involve customers themselves, where they can experience the brand first-hand and deepen their relationship with it at the same time.
  • Promotional items - promotional items are a great tool to experience brand values. However, they are often not used to their potential because they do not reflect the brand itself or its mission.
  • Bringing the TV experience to reality - authentic experiences are not easily created through the TV screen, but there is an opportunity to connect selected programmes to reality.
  • Sponsorship - every big city has a sports team and a sponsor, but often sponsorship is only passive. There are a few banners in the stadium, the brand may be written on the tickets, but the real brand experience is non-existent.
  • Be where no one expects you - some places, cities or events are strongly associated with a brand. Or you're used to something for many years and suddenly a change comes. That fact alone is guaranteed to attract attention.

There are plenty of opportunities to create brand experiences, sometimes we just need to step outside the average and think about how we can engage our target audience. 

You can read the full article here.