Can the results of your online campaigns compete with TV advertising?


Marketers usually reach for investments in TV when planning campaigns where the goal is to reach a wide target audience. Television is a traditional part of the media mix and is characterized by massive reach but also high cost. Today, thanks to the high internet penetration in the Czech population, TV can compete with online advertising, write Petr Struna & Jan Saivera for Médiář.

Ogilvy Performance Marketing has long guaranteed its clients a 99% viewability and 94% viewability. It is also newly adding the maximization of Viewable Target Rating Points (vTRPs), which allow advertisers to easily compare the costs of different media channels and evaluate their performance.

“Target Rating Points is a traditional metric for offline campaigns and indicates the population reached by a viewable ad that falls within or directly matches your specific target audience. We have already tested calculating the results of online campaigns on this metric last year with unexpectedly good results - we managed to get the cost per vTRP under 1,000 crowns.”

― Petr Struna & Jan Saivera

After last year's testing, Ogilvy Performance Marketing has also been using Viewable Target Rating Points in client online campaigns since January. This metric has recently been integrated into Google Marketing Platform, a digital advertising ecosystem designed to manage and analyze advertising campaigns.

“If we compare this to the cost per point (CPP) for TV advertising, which, based on commercial TV price lists for this year, ranges from roughly nine to thirty thousand crowns, this is a superior result in terms of maximizing advertising investments.”

― Petr Struna & Jan Saivera

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