Ogilvy Performance Marketing cancels programmatic buying research


Growth marketing is not just a fashionable marketing trend, but is proving to be a sustainable and repeatable path to success. It is a long-term strategy that combines the world of advertising with financial and product development, write Petra Struna & Jan Saivera for MaM.cz.

Ogilvy Performance Marketing has long guaranteed its clients over 99% measurable and over 94% visible impressions, time spent with a brand or product and viewable target rating points. To improve campaign performance, Ogilvy now uses growth marketing, which involves designing and running experiments to optimise results within defined objectives.

"Our processes are unique in that growth marketing has evolved naturally, so the stages described below are only pieced together from our experience. Proof of concept does not require a long term relationship. We deliver one-off experiments within two weeks".

― Petr Struna, Managing Director Ogilvy Performance Marketing

The multi-step process is based on growth marketing standards defined by Ogilvy Performance Marketing based on its own research. It is based on an analysis of the product or service offered, as well as an analysis of the competition, which helps to identify potential problems and propose solutions. Seasonal forecasting using the in-house seasonal forecasting tool is also important, as is validating the viability of the concept and its potential for business growth.

"Several methods have been developed to produce seasonal forecasts. Seasonal forecasting evaluates historical data and uses it to predict business growth for the next season or beyond. If there is a positive consensus at all levels, we can guarantee a growth trend from the original forecast and thus reach the final, growth phase. But we can also say that the concept is broken and predict a 'drop-point'.

― Jan Saivera, Chief Growth Officer Ogilvy Performance Marketing

Ogilvy Performance Marketing currently uses growth marketing in twenty countries for clients such as Chedok, Trinity Bank, Nespresso, Hilti, Calibra, Nutrend, Starbucks and Supernova.io. 

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