Ogilvy announces expert team Recovery Task Force


Ogilvy Prague launches a new expert team in response to the current COVID-19 crisis. The goal is to help brands during the difficult time period and to get them ready for the transformation which they will face after the acute phase is over.

Ogilvy Recovery Task Force will focus on four dimensions of marketing and communications, which are crucial for brands to succeed: Brand, Performance marketing, Social and PR & Leadership.

The Task Force consists of five high-profile Czech experts for each of the four areas. They are active in the Ogilvy network worldwide. Hence the Task Force has an exclusive access to solutions and strategies from markets, that have already gone through the acute phase of the crisis, especially in Asia.

For this purpose, the team has established a new methodology, that will help brands navigate in the complex crisis environment, adapt their communications, and find back-to-growth opportunities. The team consists of:

JAKUB HODBOĎ is a member of Ogilvy global expert team of Ogilvy and ensures connections to the latest know-how from global markets.

DITA STEJSKALOVÁ is a well-respected authority with 25 years of brand and leader-advisory experience in how to establish the right communications during a crisis.

PETR STRUNA is an expert in performance marketing, especially in the context optimization and shifts from off-line to on-line sales.

BARBORA ŠUMANSKÁ leads the most effective social team in Czechia, according to the EFFIEs. The power of social media has been proven again in recent days. Social represents a new opportunity how to connect with customers in the times of crisis.

JIŘÍ JÓN contributes with expertise on brand behavior, communications audit, and opportunities for brand transformation in the “new normal” phase of the crisis.

See the full offer of the Ogilvy Recovery Task Force here.