The glory and misery of Czech influencer marketing


The rapid development of influencer marketing in the Czech Republic is hampered by the mindset of the sponsors, massive demand and the approach of the creators themselves, writes Václav Rambousek, Account Director Ogilvy PR  in Marketing & Media.

The commercial influencer collaboration market was worth about $1.7 billion in 2016 and will be worth nearly $11 billion by 2021. Influencer marketing is much talked about in our country and the approach to it is gradually developing. However, I believe that we are far from being able to extract the maximum value that influencer marketing can offer in order to build brands' image and business success.

Thankfully, more and more advertisers and creators know that the right choice of influencer is not just about the number of followers, that the relevance of the audience to the brand is important, that the advertising content must be branded. However, these criteria alone are not enough for influencer marketing to be ranked as one of the tools (in combination with great added PR value) alongside the key disciplines of the marketing mix, which are expected to deliver a return on investment.

In order for influencer marketing to be effective, it is important to think about the quality and authenticity of the published posts, which will have a much greater impact on the target audience. This can be helped, for example, by maintaining long-term strategic collaborations.

There are still a lot of influencers who don't understand metrics and can't evaluate results.

― Václav Rambousek, Account Director Ogilvy

Václav Rambousek, Account Director Ogilvy

Václav Rambousek, Account Director Ogilvy