Sam Tatam presents his new book Evolutionary Ideas


How can behavioural science and evolutionary psychology help solve the challenges of the future and make existing solutions more effective? Sam Tatam explores this and much more in his new book Evolutionary Ideas. There is no need to come up with groundbreaking discoveries, just recycle existing solutions. There is no need for revolution when evolution, along with innovation, does man a very good service.  The key is to approach the creative process systematically, making it easier and faster to come up with more effective solutions - that's the essence of evolutionary ideas.   

In the same way Japanese engineers reduced bullet train noise by studying the evolved biology of the owl and kingfisher, today we can see how Disney improved the queueing experience in the same way Houston airport made arrivals feel faster (while making people walk further). We’ll learn how the chocolate at the bottom of a Cornetto ice cream can improve an Error 404 message, and what a bowl of M&Ms has in common with a canary in a coal mine. 

“To survive in nature, organisms converge on winning solutions,” explains Sam Tatam in his new book. “There is more than one route to the same good idea.” You can discover them in the Evolutionary Ideas. 


You can buy the book here: Evolutionary Ideas: Unlocking ancient innovation to solve tomorrow’s challenges: 9780857197870: Tatam, Sam: Books