• Client: Leontinka Foundation
  • Media: Case Study
  • Realisation: 2014

Leontinka Foundation helps visually impaired children and teenagers and its budget relies on small donations from the public. To make people see how visually impaired people live, we modified hundreds of photos on Instagram using unique filters. People thus saw their world through the eyes of weak-sighted people and had a greater motivation to contribute.


93% saving when purchasing media

15× more effective campaign than last year’s

8% increase in posts


  • Piaf; Audience Engagement 2015
  • ADC; Direct 2015
  • ADC; Digital 2015
  • D&AD; Direct 2015
  • Český direkt; Social 2015
  • Český direkt; Small Budget 2015
  • Golden drum; Digital 2015
  • Golden drum; Media 2015
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