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Our workTimeTravel Box ― Samsung

Launching a smartphone flagship is always a global event of the year for our long-time client Samsung. Especially outstanding was the Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10 + introduction for also celebrating a decade of the Galaxy product generation. The one and only PR campaign tool was a specially designed press pack. We had a paper nesting doll custom-made to encapsulate the entire Galaxy generation with gradual presentation of each of the S-series products and its advantages. Last of the inner boxes contained the latest model (the design of which was still confidential at the time) along with an invitation for the media to the product introduction. After the invitations had mailed out, a massive “Galaxy buzz” broke out in the media. Numerous articles about the entire Galaxy S series were published (18), but the publicists also shared their opening of the nesting doll on social media (over 100 IG stories) with media reach of over 500,000. The total number of articles at the time of the new product launch increased by 28% in the Czech Republic and by 21% in Slovakia.