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  • OgilvyOne has started this year with new management

    6. 1. 2016

    Martin Lauer has become since January the Managing Director of OgilvyOne. Marek Linhart also becomes the Associate Creative Director, whose appointment creates a strong pool of three creative directors of Ogilvy group.

  • Allianz offers life insurance free of absurd charges

    1. 12. 2015

    Allianz, the Insurance Company, launches first wave of the campaign for life insurance Rytmus risk that Allianz offers to its clients with clearly specified price and without senseless charges. The campaign that was prepared by Ogilvy & Mather includes not only television spots but also OOH and internet.

  • Xmas in Tesco

    25. 11. 2015

    Moments that matter gives out retail chain Tesco in its Christmas campaign. The time that customers save while shopping in Tesco can spend without needless stress with their loved ones. And Christmas holidays should be like that - full of joy and peace. The campaign will run in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and Hungary and was prepared by Ogilvy & Mather.

  • Ogilvy won at this year's Effie three awards including gold

    5. 11. 2015

    In a contest rewarding the most effective campaigns won Ogilvy group three awards this year, including one gold. The most precious metal went to Ogilvy & Mather for the Air Bank campaign “Lovebrand in record-breaking time“ and bronze for the campaign for the Ministry of Health supporting the prevention of selected forms of cancers “Messages Against Cancer”. Campaign from OgilvyOne Lybar Promiss was then awarded silver. Ogilvy & Mather took also over the special prizes BoB and got awarded in all…

  • Single metal for the Czech Republic at ABC*E Festival

    23. 10. 2015

    The only precious metal went to the Czech Republic from the international festival Art Directors Club of Europe, and straight to Ogilvy. The campaign LGBT Avatars winning awards at the international and domestic festivals, won silver in the category Interactive Mobile Applications. Along with two other campaigns - Fanstars and MYMAOCIMA – was also shortlisted in the category of Innovation & Integration. The campaign is a joint effort of Geometry Global and Ogilvy & Mather.

  • 6 Ogilvy campaigns in the final of Effie

    21. 10. 2015

    Six projects in total made it through to the shortlist of this year´s Effie. Ogilvy & Mather appears three times on the list with the campaigns for Air Bank, Ford and the Ministry of Health. OgilvyOne was by the jury nominated twice, for the campaigns for Lybar and T-Mobile and the shortlist includes Geometry Global for the campaign for Sazka.

  • Creative minds under one roof

    19. 10. 2015

    A chance to introduce their work in the field of digital and visual production, get feedback from the stars of Czech design and listen to short presentations will have the participants of Behance Portfolio Review. The invitation was accepted by Vladimír Strejček, founder ofthe largest studio of illustrations in the Czech Republic DRAWetc., founder of Dynamo Design LiborJelínek or font creator, typographer, graphic designer and musician of Master's Hammer František Štorm. On her home turf…

  • Thanks to “Oopsaci” registered UPC the most successful month of sales

    15. 10. 2015

    Sympathetic animated characters “Oopsaci” have perfectly worked on young Internet users. The UPC campaign with courageous exaggeration appeals to the need for fast internet and it turned out that the young do not want the boredom to take their lives. The campaign was prepared by Ogilvy & Mather. The campaign focuses primarily on the use of social media and Internet, it also includes television commercials, print media, OOH and ambient communication. Overall 10 videos was formed, from which…

  • 6 days a year saves shopping for food at

    21. 9. 2015

    To read 54 new fairy tales to the children, to watch 18 films in the popular cinema or to pick up 3687 autumn leaves. All this and much more is possible to catch in six days that would yearly save the customers buying food at Campaign, that aims to raise awareness of this service, will run in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary and was prepared by Ogilvy & Mather.

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